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Loss Control Services


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For any organization to be successful you have to reduce employee risks and create a productive work atmosphere.  The most effective process to accomplish this is to have strong and Loss Control procedures and policies in place for all your employees. SCS provides Loss Control Services to help you be proactive in reducing accident/injury costs. The following are functions that have been proven to save companies bottom line dollars:

  • Hazard evaluation reviews to determine risk & create effective processes to eliminate hazards
  • Evaluate operations with an understanding of coverage exposures
  • Analyze losses, loss trends and the potential for future losses
  • Develop Job Hazard Analysis tools to reduce accidents/injuries with sound ergonomic practices
  • Evaluate management controls and loss control programs
  • Provide recommendations for risk improvement
  • Assist in the development of safety programs
  • Provide management and employee training
  • Provide specialized skills in Ergonomics, Occupational Health, or other services addressing needs unique to your operation

​Loss control is the proactive measures taken to prevent or reduce loss evolving from accident, injury, illness, and property damage. The aim of the loss control is to reduce the frequency and severity of losses.

Regulatory Program Development
Custom written Safety Programs designed for your organization’s specific needs.

  • Designed comprehensive safety programs tailored to company that exceed OSHA & DOT requirements
  • Establish uniform safety practices

Fleet Safety
Fleet vehicle accidents are among the most costly of injury claims for business.  A fleet safety program establishes the policies and procedures that are needed to help ensure a safe work environment for employees. It can also help protect against liability from vehicle accidents.  SCS provides the following Fleet Safety programs:

  • Assist in hiring qualified drivers
  • Maintain Drivers Qualification Files
  • Formalizing a plan for vehicle inspection, repair, and maintenance
  • Training drivers on safety awareness, prevention, & hours of service requirements
  • Develop Transportation Compliance Manual

At SCS, we have extensive experience to help customers design their fleet safety programs and help them protect what is important to their business.