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As a Industrial Safety & OSHA Expert working in the field for over 25 years I understand and know Industrial safety standards & OSHA regulations.  I also understand the importance for your organization to exceed the requirements set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and other government agencies to create a safer work atmosphere, save lives, and money. Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC conducts audit services to help you stay in compliance, avoid OSHA and DOT fines, save lives, and reduce accident/injury costs. 

Safety Program Audits

  • Review compliance of existing regulatory programs
  • Identify gaps in programs and compliance
  • Provide detailed reports and effective measures to correct out of compliance issues

Mock OSHA and DOT Audits

  • Review and Identify OSHA and DOT compliance needs for your specific operation and help implement
  • Complete in-depth walk-through audit and provide detail summary report
  • Provide detail report and effective measures to correct out of compliance issues

Worker Compensation Cost Reduction Audit

  • Review past accidents and current practices to determine high risk, exposures and trends
  • Implement low-cost programs, policies, and procedures to reduce frequencies of accidents
  • Develop Job Hazard Analysis tools t o reduce accidents/injuries with sound ergonomic practices

Safety Operations Assessment Review - SOAR Audit
This program reviews your operation focusing on management by analyzing your environmental, health, and safety metric perspective.  This procedure uses Safety Operation Assessment Review (SOAR) tools to identify safety, training, management engagement, and communication deficiencies within the operation. This audit process will establish a site Action Plan to include:

  • Identified Solution
  • Owner
  • Target Dates
  • Recourses Required

SOAR is an excellent process to identify management gaps within the operation and their effects on safety results. It's a functional tool that gets great results when management teams implement the necessary solutions.

I welcome the chance to help you train employees and develop safety programs that are specific to your organization.