Business Consulting


Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC is known for its proactive and aggressive approach to reducing accidents, preventing audits, and creating high-energy safety cultures. Our dedicated staff includes a Certified Safety Professional who can provide unique insights into DOT regulations and practices. We welcome the opportunity to assess your company’s transportation safety status and prepare for compliance reviews through one or more of the following services:  
  • Manage drug and alcohol collection/random pool
  • Maintain and update Driver Qualification Files electronically
  • Audit and retain drivers’ daily logs
  • Manage vehicle licensing, registration permits & expirations
  • Perform Mock DOT Audits
  • Develop Behavioral-Based Training to Create Safer Driving Habits
  • Manage Auto/General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Track accidents, trend analysis and costs
  • Complete Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Follow-up
  • Conduct Accident Investigations and Evaluations

Reduce Insurance Costs

Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will help your organization develop an excellent safety culture that will reduce your number of incidents, which will help to lower your premiums, especially in the area of workers' compensation and auto liability.

Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010 Ready

FLEXIBILITY - Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will provide you the tools to adapt to the changing regulatory transportation environment and get you CSA 2010 compliant.

EFFICIENCY - Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will maximize the use of your resources and improve your company’s safety performance.

EFFECTIVENESS - Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will help you identify behaviors associated with safety risks and create training and programs to eliminate those unsafe behaviors.