Business Consulting


Services provided

Safety/OSHA & DOT Training 

  • Safety Compliance Training
  • New Hire Orientation Training
  • Accident Investigation Training
  • Root Cause Analysis Training
  • Site Specific Safety Training for your needs

Transportation Safety

  • Maintain and Update Drivers Qualification Files
  • Conduct Accident Investigations and Evaluations
  • Manage Vehicle Licensing, Permit Registrations & Expirations
  • Develop & Train Drivers on Behavioral-Based Safety for CSA 2010
  • Improve Carriers Performance to Comply with CSA 2010 Standards

Risk Management

  • Provide Risk Assessments by Severity, Probability, and Exposure
  • Develop Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan for Losses
  • Set up, Report, and Track Claims to include Loss Run History
  • Track Accidents, Trends Analysis, and Costs

Behavioral-Based Safety and Safety Leadership Development

  • Behavioral-Based Safety Awareness Training
  • Custom Designed Safety Perception Surveys
  • Managers Leadership Training
  • Safety Leadership Training Seminars
  • Key-Note Speaker for Safety/Leadership Conferences and Group Functions

Legal/Expert Witness

  • Expert Testimony
  • Case Preparation
  • OSHA Informal Conferences

Safety Inspections

  • Mock DOT/ OSHA Inspections
  • Gap Analysis Audits
  • Hazard Assessment Audits
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annually

Facility & Workplace Safety

  • Customized Written Safety Plans
  • Safety Program Development & Planning
  • Disaster and Crisis Management Planning
  • Job Safety Analysis Development and Implementation
  • Policy and Procedure Development