Business Consulting


We can assist in identifying potential Health and Safety Program deficiencies through facility audits and assessments. 

We can perform the following services:

  • Hazard Assessments necessary for the identification of proper Personal Protective Equipment requirements.
  • Compliance Audits to identify; unsafe conditions and/or practices; regulatory non-compliance, and to develop a Corrective Action Plan.
  • Gap Analysis Audits to identify variances from facility and/or Corporate policies and procedures and to develop a Corrective Action Plan.

We will complete detailed facility inspections to identify hazards and compliance issues and compares the findings with the OSHA/DOT standard that apply and make recommendations to correct the problem.

  • Perform Regulatory Safety Program Audits
  • Conduct in-depth walk-through inspections
  • Cite compliance issues by OSHA/DOT CFR
  • Review OSHA and DOT requirements
  • Provide detailed reports on non-compliant issues
  • Develop Corrective Action Plan
  • Provide mock OSHA and DOT Audits

Field Work Management Review Audit Process

We review internal management controls to determine whether they are functioning as intended and can achieve the desired level of performance. Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will gather audit evidence through employee interviews, observations, and verification testing. Finally, a thorough report will outline areas of needed improvement and the exact compliance standard that is deficient. We will also include best practices and suggestions to eliminate the issue, pictures to verify the issues, and a priority list.