Business Consulting


We welcome the opportunity to help you assess your company’s operational risks and prepare a company specific loss control program that would include one or more of the following services:  
  • Complete hazard identification and evaluation for your operation
  • Provide risk assessment by severity, probability, and exposure
  • Develop root cause analysis and corrective action for all losses
  • Set up, report, and evaluate claims to include loss run history
  • Track accidents, trend analysis and costs
  • Provide Expert Witnessing in Safety/Risk Cases
  • Support insurance company representatives with incident claims

Loss Control Reviews

Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will review your company’s incident history for the past three years to identify trends and determine with your management team effective and positive areas to make improvements.

Risk Management & Productivity Improvements

An effective loss control program will keep productivity at the highest level, reduce downtime, help develop operational protocol, and improve levels of communication. Risk Management like productivity and quality is a strategic process. To be effective it must be integrated into the daily activities and management systems of your organization.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC will help your organization develop loss control processes such as Safety Committees, Maintenance Programs, Employee Incentive Programs, Engineering out Hazards by Design, and Monitoring Programs. This will help reduce frequencies and severities of your incidents, which will help to lower your premiums, especially in the area of workers' compensation and auto liability.

 Risk management