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Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC - President, David Stauffer, CSP, ARM is a creative, resourceful, and cost-effective leader committed to excellence. As an analyst & consulting expert, he can put years of valuable experience on your team. He will provide his clients with a keen insight into each case.

David brings an unparalleled insight to his role as a consultant and expert witness for law firms. He is objectively qualified to provide technical and practical safety expertise for litigation cases involving serious injuries, large losses, and fatalities. In either case, the Defense or Plaintiff’s attorney will need an objective expert involved in order to proceed through the complex and voluminous discovery process.

Other areas of expertise include safety analysis, industrial safety, slips trips falls, safety inspections, incident investigation, workplace safety, construction site safety hazards identification, ergonomics, safety engineering, OSHA / DOT compliance, OSHA/DOT inspections, OSHA/DOT regulations, Drivers Qualification files, and multi-employer work site safety responsibility.

If you are looking for an “Expert” that has the hands-on experience, the education, the professional certifications, and the years of know how David Stauffer, CSP, ARM / Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC is the company and the person you are looking for.

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