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Behavioral-Based Safety and Safety Leadership Development

Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC has over 18 years of experience in safety management, leadership, and people development. Our focus is on changing behavior of managers and employees, which will, reduce accidents, save money, and create a high-energy safety culture. We welcome the opportunity to help you assess your company’s safety status through one or more of the following specialized training and coaching opportunities:
  • Behavioral Based Safety Awareness Training
  • Leadership Development for a Successful Safety Program
  • Developing an Effective Safety Incentive Program
  • Managers Leadership Training
  • Safety Perception Surveys
  • Fundamentals of Safety Management for Supervisors
  • Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 Behavioral Based Training

Employees Must Be Trained and Coached to Work Safely

Awareness of safety does not come naturally; we all need to be trained and coached to work safely. Effective training programs both teach and motivate employees to be a productive part of the safety culture. When employees start to think I want to do this instead of I have to do this the battle is half over.

Safety is a Culture Not a Program

The combined commitment and participation of the entire organization is necessary to create and maintain an effective safety culture. Each person in the organization, from the top management of the corporation to the newest employee, is responsible and accountable for preventing injuries. Changing unsafe work behavior to safe work behaviors is the key to a strong safety culture.

Safety is Good Business

Reducing workplace injuries and illnesses lowers the costs of workers' compensation, medical expenses, potential government fines, and the expenses of litigation. Effective workplace safety is not an expense, it is an asset.

Create a Dedicated Safety Culture

Safety is an attitude. It takes time and effort to develop a successful safety culture. It starts with wanting to work safe and putting time and commitment into being safety. The ultimate goal is to establish a culture where safety exists on a level equal in importance with productivity and quality. Safety Compliance Solutions, LLC can help you achieve that safety success through Behavioral Based Safety Coaching and strong safety developed programs. We are committed to creating a world-class safety culture one person at a time.